Lagocamp Events

During the summer season, Lagocamp organises new events every year. Depending on the mood of our Lagocamp Team these events usually carry a motto, which motivates the team and our camping guest to bring out there greatest costumes! Plus, with the live music playing, everyone gets in the mood to party. Besides this, Lagocamp occasionally holds Cocktail parties with a self-composed music playlist and delicious drinks or organises wine tasting evenings.

Events 2018 – Some impressions

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JULY+AUGUST 2019TimeEvent Theme
16.0720.00 Live-Music with Roberto-
23.0720.00Underwater Party!
+ Live-Music
Under Water
25.0720.00 Cocktail Party-
30.0720.00 Night of the Stars! + Live-MusicDress up like a star!
01.0820.00 Cocktail Party-
06.0820.00Bad Taste Party! + Live-MusicBad Taste
08.0820.00 Cocktail Party-
16.0820.00 Cocktail Party-