Mediterranean Party


Again this year we had a great party season with live music! The first of them had the theme ‘Mediterranean’: warm weather, southern flair, Mediterranean colours and summer hits with classics like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ or ‘Macarena’.

Here are a few impressions:
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New Sanitary Building 2019


It’s time! After 7 months of hard work, the renovations have finally come to an end. Here is our new, completely renovated sanitary building with a modern and practical design.

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New Lagobar terrace


Renovations 2018

Did you know that we renewed our complete outdoor area of the Lagobar earlier this year? It was a long way to decide which style fits our campsite. We ended up opting for ‘shabby chic’ and having some great tables, benches and chairs made from old boat wood delivered. In addition, we renewed our doors and want to decorate the whole with many beautiful plants! What do you think?

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Stand Up Paddling


Stand up Paddling with Australian Surfer Luke!

A new and exciting water sport at your doorstep of the spectacular Lago Maggiore. A fun activity for everyone to enjoy, relax by floating over the beautiful calm lake and work some of those pizzas off while enjoying the stunning views the lake has to offer. Our guests love it and we hope you will as well.

Luke the Australian Surfer is back this summer  from the 21st of June to the 22nd of September 2019 for the summer season on the Stand Up Paddle Boards with new and more exciting activities and events on the calendar! This year Luke will be offering private and group lessons to suit all Stand Up Paddlers wanting to get involved in the new exciting sport, from teaching the correct techniques both on land and water, gaining valuable experience and most of all having a blast on the Lago Maggiore. He will also have two tours available throughout the summer upon request, a popular morning tour and a new sunset tour both of which Luke will tour you around the lake. Luke has some exciting new events on the calendar, a pups on sups day where you will be able to bring your dogs on the boards and paddle alongside the beautiful Lago Maggiore and a race day to put your skills to the test, everyone welcome! It’s going to be a great year and Luke looks forward to seeing you all again!

Sunset Group Tour
  • A new activity for the summer where Luke will take you on tour of the spectacular Lago Maggiore on sunset. Time of tour depending on sunset.
Morning Group Tour
  • A popular group tour in the morning from 9:30-11:00am. Paddling towards Switzerland to a beautiful secluded area as a group. Everyone welcome from beginners to intermediates.
Private & Group Lessons
  • One on one and group lesson experience with Luke. Touching on all aspects of stand up paddling, teaching you the correct techniques both on land and in the water. Suitable for beginners, intermediates and people who want to get involved in the new exciting sport.
Pups on Sups
  • A fun and unique experience where you can bring your dogs along on the boards and paddle together as a group along the beautiful shoreline of the Lago Maggiore. A great opportunity to catch up with doggy friends and paddle all together
Race Day
  • A new exciting event on the stand up paddle board calendar. A race day out on the Lago Maggiore. Put your racing skills to the test and show how fast you can paddle. Great prizes and fun to be had. Everyone welcome.
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Lagocamp Events


During the summer season, Lagocamp organises new events every year. Depending on the mood of our Lagocamp Team these events usually carry a motto, which motivates the team and our camping guest to bring out there greatest costumes! Plus, with the live music playing, everyone gets in the mood to party. Besides this, Lagocamp occasionally holds Cocktail parties with a self-composed music playlist and delicious drinks or organises wine tasting evenings.

Events 2018 – Some impressions

See also: Mediterranean Party

JULY+AUGUST 2019TimeEvent Theme
16.0720.00 Live-Music with Roberto-
23.0720.00Underwater Party!
+ Live-Music
Under Water
25.0720.00 Cocktail Party-
30.0720.00 Night of the Stars! + Live-MusicDress up like a star!
01.0820.00 Cocktail Party-
06.0820.00Bad Taste Party! + Live-MusicBad Taste
08.0820.00 Cocktail Party-
16.0820.00 Cocktail Party-
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