FAQs – Things to know –

Yes, dogs are welcome to swim there, preferably late afternoon when the beach empties. The best place for them to swim and play is on the right side of the Lagobeach, at the river ‘Giona’.
Of course, the water temperatures fluctuate depending on the season and in recent years, due to the unpredictable climate, it is no longer possible to give any information. In summer we measure the water temperature daily and write it on the information board to the left of the beach gate.
Summer thunderstorms are part of the climate on Lake Maggiore, sometimes they appear very quickly but they also end quickly. In spring and autumn it can rain for a few hours at a time, which benefits the magnificent vegetation. We have a few nice ideas for what to do on rainy days.
The most famous and largest market is held in Luino on Wednesdays. On Sundays there is also a very popular market in Cannobio and on Saturdays you can visit the market in Ponte Tresa. On Fridays, the market in Stresa attracts many visitors.
The weekly market in Maccagno is very small, consisting of 4-5 stalls. You can buy cheese and cold meats, fruit and vegetables and clothes. It is held on the park near the Tourist Info Point.
Yes, from the ferry landing stage in Maccagno (about 600 m – 7 min walk from the campsite) you can go to Cannero/Cannobio and also Luino. You can get a timetable at the pier or at the reception.
The nearest town is Luino, about 7 km from Maccagno. You can get there by ferry or bus. By foot or by bike it can be difficult, as there is no continuous walkway. You also have to go through tunnels, as there are no alternative pedestrian or bicycle paths.
Unfortunately we can’t provide a cycling map, we don’t get any information material from the province of Varese anymore. You can buy a very good compass map of the area at the reception. We can also provide you with information about hiking (printed).
You can order bread rolls and croissants at the Lago Bar. You need to order them the day before until 17.00 to get some fresh ones the next morning. You can also reserve a small or large breakfast for the next day and enjoy it on our Lagobar terrace.
At the Lagobar we sell snacks like toasts, sandwiches or French fried. Every day, except Monday, you can order a pizza until 5pm, which will be delivered directly to the campsite at 6.30pm by a local Pizzeria Concordia. You can pick it up at the Lagobar. The menu is listed on our info board or at the reception.
No, you can only send a booking request online. We do not allow online reservations because all of our pitches are have different sizes and it is difficult for guests judge from the site plan whether their vehicle actually has enough space and, above all, whether the manoeuvring possibilities are given.
You can send us a booking request via our website or send us an email directly to maccagno@lagocamp.com schicken. You can also reach us by telephone during the campsite opening hours (which vary depending on the season).
The main gate at the campsite entrance is open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. During this time period you can drive in and out at any time. After 10.00 p.m. until 8.00 a.m. the next morning, you can open the small gate from the outside with a code, and from the inside with the push-button to the right of the gate. The beach gate is automatically closed at 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. and you cannot enter the campsite from the beach side during the night.